Take Me Home Tonight

This playing continuously accompanied by a bottomless cup of coffee will literately be the only thing to get me through it all.

Love you best friend.

How I’m Spending My Tax Return

For months now, I have been going to my mailbox on a daily basis to see if I had received my tax return. Once the beginning of June arrived and there was still no check, I got concerned. I checked all of my papers and I had filled everything out correctly. I decided to go online and make an inquiry on why my money seems to be MIA. After hours of being put on hold, it was discovered that the form the gentleman actually filed was not filled out properly and had an incorrect address. Geniuses.

So now, here I am, waiting patiently for my hard earned dollars that I should get before July 30th (because it takes 6 weeks to re-mail apparently?). To make the best of my time, I’ve decided to see what fancy purchases I’ll be making and what better than Lilly Pulitzer? 


Esmeralda Dress - Worth Blue Holiday SeersuckerBlossom Dress - Multi PatchMarisa Dress - Hotty Pink Cherry Begonias

Wesley Dress - Hotty Pink Cherry BegoniasMarisa Dress - Flock Of SeagullsBlossom Dress - Regatta EmbroideryMarisa Dress - Regatta EmbroideryNettie Dress - Worth Blue DocksiderVanna Dress - Bright Navy

Hi tumblr.

I’m not quite sure why I need a Facebook, Twitter, and now a Tumblr. But I’m sure in time, I’ll become dependent of this as well. Thank you technology! Follow me kids!